Grippaz Medium Nitrile Gloves Retail Bag - 10 Pieces/5 Pairs Part No. 37296

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Gants Grippaz en Nitrile écaillés
Gants Grippaz en Nitrile écaillés

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Grippaz use a specially formulated nitrile compound that gives unrivaled grip when handling grease, oils, detergents, solvents & water.

US Patent No's D735, 968S & 9,730,477 B2.

EU Certificate of Registration Design Number 001 402432-0001 and 396204-001.

Available in medium, large & extra large.

Additional Information

  • AS SEEN ON TV. Worldwide Patent 'fish scale grip technology' along with Patent on the thumb grip design.
  • 100% Silicone FREE Nitrile glove made in a Silicone FREE factory. 100% Nitrile - Latex Free, no added fillers so sweating is prevented. Chemical resistant , can be washed or wiped clean. SATRA tested to perform UP TO 5 TIMES BETTER in oily, greasy, dry or wet conditions.
  • First glove to also have grip technology inside the glove to add to the overall grip. Made with 'Touch Screen Technology' so devices like smart phones, tablets, diagnostic equipment etc can be used without having to remove the gloves.
  • Gloves are 3 times thicker than a standard Nitrile glove. Gloves are slightly undersized than traditional sizes due to the fact that after 3 minutes of wearing they warm up and mould to the hand to give a secondary skin like feel. Made with an oversized cuff to enable the easy removal of the glove once its moulded to the hand. Gloves are a cost saving product due to the same pair of gloves can be worn throughout the day rather than having to change them several times a day.
  • 10 Pieces / 5 Pairs
  • Ce gant est breveté. Orange pour ne pas l'égarer et écaillé aussi bien sur la paume que sur le dos permettant une adhérence accrue.
  • Plus épais que des gants classiques, il sera plus résistant au choc et à l'huile. Il conserve néanmoins la sensation du toucher et fonctionnera avec des écrans tactiles.
  • Fabrication 100% en Nitrile - il apporte une excellente résistance aux produits chimiques
  • Ne contient pas de Silicone ou Latex, il est recommandé pour les opérations liées à la peinture chez les carrossiers.
  • Boite de 15 pcs de 10 gants pour crochet - Taille M

Connect Workshop Consumables has just introduced their new high-tech Grippaz disposable nitrile glove range to the UK market, and are confident that once you've tried them, you'll never go back to ordinary disposable nitrile or latex gloves.

Grippaz gloves are all about grip, and feature a unique “fish-scale” pattern on both internal and external surfaces which offers instant and effective grip, and the fish-scale pattern keeps its shape (and grip) when stretched, unlike other patterned gloves.

These latex-free gloves are designed for maximum dexterity; once worn for a few minutes they warm up and mould to your hand, and feel like a second skin. They are three times thicker than standard nitrile gloves, which gives increased puncture and tear resistance and terrific protection against oils and chemicals. And terrific value, because one pair of gloves can be worn again and again. Simply clean them off using a workshop cleaning solvent and their chemical resistance ensures that they will remain good as new.

Bodyshop safe — Grippaz gloves are completely silicone-free and manufactured in a silicone-free factory — the only gloves you need in the bodyshop. Need to use a touchscreen on your phone or diagnostic equipment? No problem with touchscreen-friendly Grippaz gloves.

They are available now from your Connect Workshop Consumables supplier in handy bags of 10 or boxes of 50 under the following part numbers: Bags of 10: 37296 – M; 37297 – L and 37298 – XL. Packs of 50: 37300 – M; 37301 – L and 37302 – XL.

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